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The University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government began offering Community Branding services in September 2018 to meet the rising demands of client communities statewide who were asking for branding and design assistance. Community Branding has become an increasingly important tool to help Georgia communities set themselves apart from the competition and attract target markets.


Hawkinsville is one of America’s great small towns. A place where everyone knows your name (and your business!), it has earned the playful nickname “Talkinsville.” With a strong sense of community, family, and faith, Hawkinsville makes one feel right at home. Residents wanted a brand that could capture the community’s down-to-earth and welcoming character. 


The Copper Basin shares a common history, heritage, and sense of community. Residents desired a brand that could be used to promote the region’s many offerings, celebrate its unique copper mining history, and build community pride.


Washington County is located in the heart of Georgia, tucked under the Fall Line next to the Oconee River. Washington County prides itself on being the very first county in the nation named for the Founding Father. Eight communities within Washington County participated in this branding process: Davisboro, Deepstep, Harrison, Oconee, Sandersville, Tennille, Riddleville, and Warthen. Despite its interesting history, Washington County is not stuck in the past. The Washington County brand initiative aims to pull together the county’s storied history with the exciting things happening now to help achieve the goals of the future.

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